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Tax Solutions, Accounting
& Bookkeeping

Individual Tax Preparation

We will show you potential deductions to limit your tax liability and get you the highest tax refund guaranteed.

Corporate Tax Preparation

We prepare individual and business taxes for all kind of corporations, LLC, S Corporations, C Corporations, etc.

International Tax Services

Tax preparation for foreigners with income in the US or US citizens & resident aliens with income outside the US.

Accounting & Bookkeeping



Bookkeeping for Contractors & Self-employees

Starting at $99 p/mo


Bookkeeping for Small Businesses

Starting at $299 p/mo


Bookkeeping for Corporations

Starting at $699 p/mo

Loans for Small

A small business loan gives you access to capital so you can invest it into your business. The funds can be used for many different purposes including working capital or improvements including renovations, technology and staffing, business acquisitions, real estate purchases and more.

We will help you find the right financing for your business, with the lowest interest rate in the market, for it to operate and grow -no matter the amount!

US Business &
Work Visas

For businesses wishing to set up in the US this can be done at a low cost under the L-1 intra-company transfer visa or E-2 Treaty Investor Visa or E-1 Treaty Trader visa scheme. For those looking for permanent residence with at least $500,000 to spend the EB-5 immigrant investor visa scheme is worth considering. With the E2 Visa and L1 visa you can in many cases avoid the requirement of investing $500,000 or more.

US Non-Immigrant Visas for
Workers & Businesses

E2 Treaty Investor

For those who have made a significant investment in a US business. For investors with at least a 50% ownership. In many cases the investment can be at a level of say tens of thousands of dollars.

L1A & L1B Intercompany Transfer

For executive, manager or specialized knowledge employee. This category allows multinational companies to transfer workers from their overseas operations to a US branch, or to send a representative to the US in order to establish a US branch of their business. The L1 visa also allows entry of businessmen.

E1 Treaty Trader

For businesses and individuals. Main requirement: country of origin must be engaged in substantial international trade between the US and the treaty investor country.

US Employment Based Immigration Visas Green Card


Qualifying applicants: People with exceptional experience and ability in science, art, education, business or sport. Multinational executives. Managers.


Qualifying applicants: Any professional who holds a masters degree or higher. For those in certain professions such as medicine, science, and teaching.


Qualifying applicants: Skilled workers with at least 2 years of experience in their field. Masters degree and PhD holders who are not covered by the EB-2 visa. Low skilled workers to take a permanent US job.


Qualifying applicants: For certain migrants who do not fir into other visa categories: some religious workers, US foreign service employees, and others.


Qualifying applicants: For investors who invest a minimum of either $900,000 or $1,800,000 in a US business with at least 10 employees.

Business Solution


Business Plan

You’ve got a great idea? Now, it’s time to turn it into a great business!

Our services:
– Market research and competitive analysis
– Business plan
– Startup cost calculation
– Validate business name availability
– Business registration
– Business federal and state tax ID numbers EIN

Business Management

Run your business like a boss! Master day-to-day operations and prepare for success!

Our services:
– Business advisory
– Bookkeeping
– Payroll
– Tax management
– Stay legally compliant
– Marketing and sales
– Prepare for emergencies

Business Growth

When business is good, it’s time to expand. Find new funding, locations, and customers!

Our services:
– Get more funding
– Expand to new locations
– Merge and acquire businesses
– Become a federal contractor
– Export products
– Women-owned businesses

Real Estate Tax Strategies

Real estate is a tax efficient way to build wealth over time if you take advantage of the strategies made available by the IRS.

1031 Exchange

IRS tax code 1031 allows real estate investors to defer capital gains from the sale proceeds of their investment and purchase another real estate property. They must follow very strict IRS guidelines and time frame, attention to detail is crucial.

Opportunity Zones

An Opportunity Zone is a designation created by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, as an attempt to increase real estate development in lower income areas. The designation allows for investors to defer, reduce, and eventually sale their investment tax free over the course of ten years.

Delaware Statutory Trust (DST)

DSTs are syndicated real estate portfolios that allow investors to pull their assets in fractional ownership to purchase large buildings or portfolio of buildings. They qualify for 1031 exchange, are professional managed, and are not limited by geographic location or asset class.

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